Collection: Ottomila

Ottomila, a high-end company dedicated to the design of exceptional timeless eyewear. The brand was founded by Luca Cavallaro, an Italian designer living in New York. All frames are designed in New York and made in Italy.

Retrosuperfuture is pleased to announce its second partnership with the high-end eyewear brand Ottomila. A cross-pollination of Italian craftsmanship and New York’s urban style, this collaboration sees RSF elevate Ottomila’s unique approach to design that is meticulous in its detailing and obsessive about materiality. The second collection steps outside the boundaries of seasonal style to offer a selection of timeless classics, updated for a more cutting-edge contemporary sensibility. The collection, named C2 to celebrate this out-of-time approach, sees the introduction of three new Sun and four Optical silhouettes, each conceived as a unique rediscovery of iconic archival pieces, inspired by architectural and cultural icons of the 20th century.

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  • 4 Cerniere Ambra
    4 Cerniere Ambra
  • 4 Cerniere Black Tie
    4 Cerniere Black Tie
  • 4 Cerniere Fiammato
    4 Cerniere Fiammato
  • 4 Cerniere Fumo di Londra
    4 Cerniere Fumo di Londra
  • Barto Black
    Barto Black
  • Barto Inchiostro
    Barto Inchiostro
  • Barto Tobacco
    Barto Tobacco
  • Bombardino Ambra
    Bombardino Ambra
  • Bombardino Havana
    Bombardino Havana
  • Bombardino Tabacco
    Bombardino Tabacco
  • Bombardino Tuxedo
    Bombardino Tuxedo
  • Bombetta Ambra
    Bombetta Ambra
  • Bombetta Black Tie
    Bombetta Black Tie
  • Bombetta Inchiostro
    Bombetta Inchiostro
  • Bombetta Tabacco
    Bombetta Tabacco
  • Cynar Ametista
    Cynar Ametista
  • Cynar Fumo di Londra
    Cynar Fumo di Londra
  • Cynar Havana
    Cynar Havana
  • Cynar Tuxedo
    Cynar Tuxedo
  • Fox Black
    Fox Black
  • Fox Motion
    Fox Motion
  • Fox Tobacco
    Fox Tobacco
  • Frank Antique Tortoise
    Frank Antique Tortoise
  • Frank Black
    Frank Black